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My mother told me something very interesting about my arrival onto the planet that I want to share with you here. In her words, I quote.
1) God said Tichazorora is my anointed good shepherd.
2) My glory is going to be seen through him. Thanks for dropping in and investing time with us we pray that you will receive value from this platform.
Our vision is “To bring community transformation and poverty eradication through the equipping and training of transformational leaders”
3) He is my friend, partner in ministry, my hand, my eye, my ears, my voice, my feet.
4) I have filled him with my wisdom, knowledge, and understanding for a time like this, to know that there is a purpose for him to be born, he is to be a fisherman to fish the lost and to heal them.
5) To know that I have loved him with an everlasting love and to know that in everything he does I am always with him for the accomplishments of the kingdom of God. These words have guided me through my life and been a constant reminder of the call of God upon my life. There have been many significant landmarks in my life that have reminded me of this call. I will share the three that stand out the most. The first one happened when I was in a season of prayer. One night after having been in prayer for what seemed like a few hours the Lord walked up to our house (I was still living in Waterford Bulawayo with my mother) I had always said: “if the Lord were to appear to me like Kenneth Hagen I would ask Him many questions”. The truth is when He did appear I froze and could not speak. For a while, He stood there and I looked at Him as He looked back at me. I was overwhelmed with emotion and sensed a deep awareness of a love I could not explain. His eyes were deep with love and compassion, very strong energy flowed from Him to me that I have sensed many times as I mi ouster to people. He had his left hand stretched out to me and I saw what looked like a red cloth but later realized it was blood. Eventually, He left and I was left in great awe of what had happened. Shortly thereafter an angel came into my room to explain what had just happened to me. I did not see him physically I did, however, sense him in the room. He proceeded to explain the reason why the Lord has come to my room and gave me details of my calling and assignment. The second incident happened a short while after that in October my birthday month. The Lord sent an elderly woman from a rural village to catch a bus and arrive in our city then proceeded to instruct her to get transport from the city centre and come to Waterford with a prophetic message. She had been instructed to buy a clear glass mug and give it to me on my birthday with these words “Your home is like Bethel where Jacob saw the ladder to heaven. I will use you to open the heavens and give my people the Word of God. Like this clear glass, your teaching will be clean and will give people fresh water to drink. Their thirst will be taken away as you teach the Word” The third incident happened in a worship service in Bulawayo while I was serving as a Pastor under Word Of Life International Ministries. The Lord spoke to me in a message in other tongues spoken by a man in the meeting. I heard the message as clearly as if he was speaking in English. The part of the message I am at liberty to share is “Son there is come to the Body Of Christ a financial revival, men and women shall be anointed to come out of debt and step into supernatural wealth and increase. Speak these things to the church and I will do it” These encounters have shaped my life and ministry and given me a clear mandate to preach the Word to the nations. My heart is to obey the call and speak what the Lord has instructed me to speak. I am aware of His hand constantly in my life and I am honoured and grateful to God that He called me to serve His Body. May you find help and ministry on this site and through the resources that are available here. My heart is to serve you with excellence.
God bless you Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa

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